Missing Persons Report Filed After Work-Related Email Goes Unanswered on a Saturday

TAKOMA PARK, MD – A missing persons report was filed for local business owner Benjamin Rockwell on Sunday after one of his clients grew concerned when a work-related email she sent on a Saturday didn’t receive an immediate response.

“I’m really worried about him,” said client Jill Levine. “It just makes no sense why Mr. Rockwell wouldn’t return my email promptly, especially on a day when I know he’s not busy with other work commitments. Something must be terribly wrong, I just know it.”

Levine claims that when she hired Rockwell, he had been very prompt in responding to emails from Monday through Friday. On Saturday, however, he went inexplicably silent. After repeated follow-up emails and text messages on Sunday morning also went unanswered, Levine knew she needed to involve the police.

“Something’s not right. It only takes a few minutes to respond to an email…and then only a few more minutes to answer each of my follow-up emails to clarify points from the first email,” said Levine. “He must have been kidnapped, or murdered, or, God forbid, something even worse: he’s avoiding me.”

After an extensive effort involving search and rescue teams and several K-9 units, police were finally able to locate Rockwell on Sunday evening, when he was found dining with his family at a local restaurant after having spent the morning at the park with his kids. Levine said she is glad to know he’s safe, but would still appreciate an immediate response to all 46 questions contained in her attachment.