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Founded in February 2019, The Takoma Torch enriches the lives of residents in Takoma Park and the D/M/V region with satirical articles that only those with a sense of humor can appreciate. Believe it or not, some people actually think these articles are real, and that makes it even funnier. All names used are completely fictional, except for public figures.

Know someone or something that needs to get torched? Send a headline or idea our way (takomatorch@gmail.com)! While we prefer only headline submittals, if you do feel the need to send us an entire article, please keep it under 300 words. The Takoma Torch reserves the right to edit any submission as we see fit, and authors will remain anonymous on public posts.


An OnlyFans baseball parody has an Olney team crying foul — and hiring counsel

A Parody News Site in a Crunchy DC Suburb Is in Trouble Over an OnlyFans Joke

Olney’s new baseball team was satirized with a spoof on the risqué OnlyFans’ name. Then, the team’s lawyer came calling.

Maryland baseball group threatens satire website

Montgomery County parody site article goes for home run, goes foul

Takoma’s Been Torched: Satirical News Site Takes Aim At Takoma Park Quirks

Takoma Park launches satirical news site

The Takoma Torch: Bringing satire to the local level


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