Canadian Wildfires Give Takoma Park Residents Legit Reason to Keep Wearing Masks

TAKOMA PARK, MD – Just when they thought all hope was lost, the air quality from the Canadian wildfires has given Takoma Park residents another reason to continue wearing their masks.

“Mask-wearing brings back a sense of unity – that we’re all in this together,” said resident Beatrice Blossom who still has mask tan lines. “It tells the world that we are united in the fight to never have to wear make-up or brush our teeth ever again.”

It’s a strange turn of events for a community that had finally begun to bid farewell to their beloved face coverings. But alas, the familiar embrace of a mask-clad face is making a comeback, and residents are finding themselves reminiscing about the days of socially distant camaraderie and covert smiles.

“It’s a blast from the past,” exclaims longtime Takoma Park resident, Janet Miller. “I almost forgot how thrilling it was to walk into a store and have everyone yell at me for not wearing my mask properly over my nose. I miss this feeling.”

While “Code Purple” air quality is a cause for concern, it has reignited the sense of camaraderie within the community. Residents have taken to social media platforms to post selfies in their “stay home” face masks, and also to share mask fashion tips, with hashtags like #WildfireChic and #N954EVA gaining popularity.

The sudden resurgence of masks has even sparked debates on making masks mandatory again, not just to protect against the smoke, but also, to maintain the anonymity necessary for passionate discussions about local politics and personal opinions about local restaurants.

In response to the situation, the Takoma Park City Council is considering holding a masquerade to bring residents together to celebrate their masked unity, and raise money for more homemade mask production. The event will be held via Zoom, and will feature a mask fashion show, mask-making workshops, and a “Best Masked Pet” contest.