Andrew Einsmann Responds to the Takoma Torch 2022 MoCo Candidate Questionnaire

Andrew Einsmann is a candidate for Montgomery County Council District 7.

From his website (
“I am proud to live in Montgomery County and as I always say diversity is one of our strengths. Even with the diversity, we have a common goal to improve our future generations and strive to achieve world-class educational standards for the whole county.  We are making every effort in the county to protect the neediest people and eliminate homelessness and food insecurity. We need to protect our environment, invest in the arts and humanities, and ensure that we live in a safe place. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are no longer where we used to be and need to make some difficult decisions in the future in order to overcome new challenges.   We have to now make belt-tightening decisions that will affect a lot of people in this county. Not only do we continue to grow, but we also continue to change.”

Below are his answers to our important questions:

  1. If the MoCo government was a dictatorship, what’s the first thing you would do as its unquestioned supreme leader?
    Install one of those gigantic water slides/jumps that we can convert to a ski jump in the winter because that would be just cool and unique in the D.C. area.
  2. Which superhero would you hire to run MCPS and why?
    Dr. Strange, so we can go back to a time when everyone was proud of the school system,  the teachers were appreciated and the leadership was strong and leaner.  And he can do anything else need to fix the issues because he is a Wizard, Harry.
  3. Mosquitos or cicadas?
    Who does not like chocolate-covered cicadas…yum
  4. If Elon Musk offered 44 billion dollars to buy Montgomery County, how would you respond?
    I think Dan Snyder would try to buy us first because then he might find a place to put a stadium.
  5. Which Golden Girl are you and why?
    Rose Nyland, because Betty White was the funniest and I would love to be like her.
  6. If you had to send a mixtape to your opponent(s), what songs would it include?
    We will Rock You by Queen, Your So Vain  By Carly Simon (just to get on their nerves), and a couple of songs from Any Kidz Bop, especially any song their kids or grandkids might sing loudly in the car.
  7. Who would you Kiss/Marry/Kill between Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Gaithersburg?
    Kiss-Olney, Marry-Derwood,  and I am Gun Sense Candidate so no killing here.  
  8. You’re watching a baseball game and the umpire blows a call that ruins the game for your team. Tear him a new one in 6 words or less.
    You got to be kidding me. (John McEnroe style)
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, how nervous are you that this survey will be posted all over social media?
    What, you are going to make this public?!?  Please don’t!!! I did not mean to hit send but of course, if I can one just one more vote why not 🙂
  10. If you had to earn a very important endorsement with a cheesy pick-up line, what would yours be?
    Washington Post, I hope your endorsement of me is like the number pi.  Irrational and Endless.

Kill Fox News. Kiss the Washington Post. Marry the Takoma Torch.