David Blair Unveils His Economic Plan of Asking Montgomery County’s Daddy for Money

POTOMAC, MD –  Using the same strategy that once helped him become a successful businessman, County Executive candidate David Blair recently unveiled his 1-point economic plan for Montgomery County: asking its wealthy father for money.

“Through hard work and determination, my dad made me the CEO of his million dollar company in my late-20s,” said Blair, 52, on the campaign trail. “With enough effort, we too can use nepotism to grow Montgomery County’s economy and create jobs.”

Blair, running for a second time after a narrow loss in 2018, is hoping to convince voters that he is both a good Democrat and “good at business” despite the facts that he never voted in a Democratic primary before deciding to run for office in 2016 and no record exists of him holding a job independent of his father since graduating from college.

“To get us back on track, Montgomery County needs effective leadership and a new vision,” said Blair. “We don’t need to look far for ideas. We have incredibly talented community leaders all around us with deep-pocketed fathers that can make sure we are set for life.”

Blair’s own father continues to play a paternal role in his son’s campaign. Just yesterday at the Thanksgiving Parade in Silver Spring—a vibrant and diverse community that Blair recently described as a crime-ridden hellscape in desperate need of a more heavily armed police presence—Blair’s father was spotted holding his son’s hand and ensuring he didn’t get lost in the scary crowd of poors.