QAnon Claims Trump Presidency a Deep State Conspiracy to Get Democrats Elected

Looking to pass blame for Donald Trump’s presidency resulting in Republicans losing control of both elected branches of the federal government, supporters of the right-wing QAnon conspiracy now claim that the 2016 election was an inside job by the Deep State to get more Democrats elected to office.

“By orchestrating the election of Trump and giving the GOP full control of the government, the Deep State was able to easily convince the world that Republicans have no clue what they are doing,” said QAnon member Gerald Hoskins. “Once again, the Left is sabotaging this country by letting Republicans put their own incompetence on display.”

Now that Democrats have regained control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency, QAnon members have come to believe that the Deep State has completed “Phase One” of their broader takeover. Q adherents expect Democrats to finish President Obama’s plans to destroy the United States by raising taxes on the wealthy by 3.7%, helping Americans pay off student loans, and ending a deadly pandemic. “Phase Two” is said to involve holding another democratic election in just four years with the hope that another Republican will become President, ruin the country again and thus guarantee a Democratic win in future elections.

“We saw this happen in 2008 after Bush’s failed presidency resulted in Obama taking over,” said Hoskins. “Wake up, sheeple! We need to stop electing Republicans so we can stop Democrats from being elected!”

When asked for evidence of the alleged conspiracy to destroy the Republican Party by getting Republicans elected, Hoskins responded, “Think about it. Trump was supposed to lose in 2016. He was way behind in the polls, and no other Republicans even liked him, not even Lindsay Graham. But, somehow, he won and then destroyed the country. There can be no explanation other than Donald Trump is actually antifa.”