Neighborhood’s Social Distance Touch Football Game Enters 6th Day of Overtime

Photo Credit – Emily Hanford

TAKOMA PARK, MD – A two-hand touch football game that began last weekend among a group of neighborhood kids at Opal Daniels Park has entered its 6th day of overtime as each team’s defense has yet to make a stop due to social distancing rules enforced by the players’ parents.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Tina Foster. “I’m not sure if this game will ever end. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow, or the next day, and probably the day after that.”

The game first entered overtime when Michael Loman’s mom called him home for dinner, and instead of “sudden death”, the two teams decided they would follow college football overtime rules: Each team gets a chance to score. If the score remains tied, they repeat the sequence until there is a winner.

Every subsequent possession has resulted in a touchdown, as the offensive players run, unimpeded and untouched, into the end zone.

“I really owe it all to my offensive line. The opposing defense has to observe the six foot distance limit, which allows me to score on every single play,” stated quarterback Jimmy Rogers. “However, our defense sucks big time. If they would step up and take one for the team, we could put this game away.”

It seemed as if a winner would emerge on day four when running back Greg Carson fumbled the ball near the goal line with his team behind. Luckily for Carson, it took too long for the opposing team’s players to apply hand sanitizer, and he was able to recover his own fumble and even up the score once again.

The epic match has gained a huge following around the city. Parents are live streaming the game on social media, and each team now has custom uniforms provided by local businesses. Tune in tomorrow at 3pm on Facebook Live to see if the Central Avenue CBD Oilers will finally upset the Boyd Avenue Baristas.