Local Millennial Comes Out as Joe Biden Supporter

Photo Credit: Evan Jenkins

TAKOMA PARK, MD – Jack Feldman, 23, knew he could no longer hide his true identity. Standing in Mark’s Kitchen (because he couldn’t find seating anywhere), Feldman publicly came out to his friends and family as a Joe Biden supporter.

“With the Iowa Caucus just weeks away, I am voting for Joe Biden and I ask for your acceptance,” announced Feldman. “I am no longer ashamed to make known my love for Uncle Joe, even if it means being called derogatory names, like ‘centrist’ or ‘moderate’.”

Feldman’s announcement was the culmination of months of introspection and planning. “I wasn’t really worried about telling my mom and dad because I knew they’d understand,” stated Feldman. “However, I was really concerned about how I would break the news to my friends.”

Despite worries over acceptance of his political orientation, Feldman was surprised by the support he received from many of his friends after his announcement, including those who are outspoken opponents of Biden.

“Biden certainly isn’t for me as I’m not someone who makes friends on both sides of the aisle,” said Craig Owens, 22, a college classmate of Feldman’s. “But Jack is my best friend and I accept him for who he is. You know what they say: hate the vote but love the voter.”

Despite the support, many friends were caught off guard by Feldman’s announcement. “How did I not see this?” asked friend Mike Karmel, 22. “Looking back, all the signs were there. He wears aviator sunglasses, he’s obsessed with riding Amtrak, he’s a big hugger, and he’s got a strong propensity for putting his foot in his mouth. It’s so obvious!”

“I’m so embarrased that I didn’t realize he prefers Biden,” said co-worker Penelope Lopez, 25. “This whole time I’ve been trying to set him up with the Warren campaign. No wonder he always politely turned down my invitations.”

Feldman’s courageous announcement has led several other local millennials to similarly reveal their own hidden political leanings, with mixed results.

24 year old app developer Jason Riggins recently announced his membership in the Yang Gang, receiving only a smattering of good natured teasing from his friends. However, when Tracy Vance, 21, decided to come out as a Tulsi Gabbard supporter, she was rightly shunned by all of polite society.