Blair High Junior Admits Protests are Good Excuse to Leave School Early

Photo by: Niels Jilderda

SILVER SPRING, MD – Montgomery Blair High School junior Larry Wilcox recently confided to his parents that he is only somewhat concerned about gun control and the environment, but decided to join “walk-out” rallies over the past year so he and his buddies could just hang out.

Events across the nation and world have inspired student activists across the country to stage “walk outs” of school and rally in prominent locations. For Montgomery Blair students, it typically involves joining other area high school students at the Capitol grounds or in front of the White House for speeches, rallies, and protests.

“I really just need to pass my English class this year,” said Wilcox. “But I felt like I couldn’t really stay in class. It is kind of boring, plus, ever since the D&B (Dave & Busters) moved to downtown Silver Spring, we can hang out there instead.”

When asked about the recent Climate Strike inspired by Greta Thunberg, Wilcox shifted on his feet and admitted that he didn’t know who she was until a family holiday gathering in which “my MAGA uncle said that Thunberg was a bad choice for Time Person of the Year.”

Although he has no clue who is even running for president in 2020, Wilcox did admit that recent walk-outs have made him pay more attention to politics.

“Surprisingly, I’ve become sort of a political news junkie,” said Wilcox. “My hope is that by following the election season, I can find more opportunities to ditch school this spring semester.”