New Vegan Doughnut Shop Helps White People of Takoma Park Find Courage to Cross Into DC Side

After the grand opening of Donut Run in Takoma DC, white people of Takoma Park, Maryland, decided to courageously venture across the metro tracks into unfamiliar territory – an area home to many Black-owned establishments – to get their hands on some vegan doughnuts.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love ethnic food. Trader Jose’s has some really good frozen enchiladas,” said Mackenzie Wilson. “I was concerned, however, about what kind of chance I was taking by crossing over into DC. But, ultimately, there’s nothing I won’t do for a vegan doughnut.”

Donut Run made local headlines earlier this week when hundreds of white people from Takoma Park formed lines around the block as if there was a clearance sale at J Crew. As people stood in line with their wallets in their front pockets, they were surprised to see restaurants they never knew existed, like Horace and Dickie’s and Takoma Station Tavern.

“I’ve lived in Takoma Park for years, and I can’t believe I never heard of these places before,” said Wilson. “Now that I’m aware of more eating options just a short walk from my house, I’ll be sure to check if they deliver through DoorDash.”

When asked their thoughts about Maryland residents crossing over to their side of the tracks for the first time, Takoma DC residents were confused. “Based on their yard signs, I always assumed Takoma Park people were much more open-minded,” said Anthony Mitchell, a Takoma DC resident. “Maybe this explains why they still have streets named after Confederates.”