Mayor Stewart Fooled Into Receiving First Annual Torchie Award

The Takoma Torch is excited to announce its first annual “Torchie Award,” which recognizes an individual for being a good sport when mocked and ridiculed by our publication.

This year’s winner is none other than Mayor Kate Stewart, who always takes our repeated jokes and ridiculous fake quotes in stride, and occasionally makes the bold move of “liking” a few of them on social media. We didn’t want to simply hand her the award – that would have been too easy, and not in the spirit of the Takoma Torch. So, of course we had to come up with a great April Fool’s joke. And it worked!!

Our plan was to trick Mayor Stewart into believing there was a constituent issue that she needed to come address in person. When she arrived, we would then surprise her with the award. Luckily, we found one of her campaign yard signs and were able to use it as a prop for our April Fool’s Joke.

It started out with an email from our very own Constance Komplanor, who wrote the following email to the Mayor at 9:36 am:

“Dear Mayor Stewart,
As a 35 year resident of this town, I’ve never known anyone to still have their campaign signs up several months after an election. Your “Kate Stewart for Mayor” sign not only hasn’t been taken down, but it is located in the median at the 8100 Block of Carroll Avenue in PUBLIC property!
According to Takoma Park’s own municipal code (Section 5.12.010), it is a Class B offense to display campaign signs not in accordance with the law.
If this sign is not removed IMMEDIATELY, I will be calling the police, as well as making the city manager and my listserv moderator aware of this abuse of power.
Constance Komplanor, Carroll Ave”

Amazingly, Mayor Stewart responded in only 5 minutes (talk about great service!):

Thank you for making me aware of this. I’m fairly certain I retrieved all of my signs, but nevertheless, I will take care of this asap. I will leave my house now and the sign will be gone in the next ten minutes.
My apologies this was overlooked.
Kate Stewart”

We stuck the sign in the middle of Carroll Avenue and hid in our car, waiting to see if Mayor Stewart would actually appear. Within 10 minutes, she arrived! We jumped out of the car, handed her the prize, and even got this great photo to capture the moment.

So from all of us at the Takoma Torch, thank you, Mayor Stewart, for all of your support, and especially for having such a great sense of humor.