The Official Takoma Torch 2020 In/Out List

The Awkward Teens are finally over and we’re now entering our Twenties where we can finally do whatever we want – what could possibly go wrong? It’s time to throw out all of the crap from the past decade and enter the new one with a renewed fighting spirit.

So beware, fans. It’s going to get a lot more interesting.

Netflix and ChillDisney Plus and Divorce
Getting Rid of Parking Lots Getting Rid of Barking Dogs
Kombucha TeaCave Wine
5G Cell TowersTin Cans and a String
Donald Trump’s Comb-overJaime Raskin’s Perm
Attacking TrumpAttacking Democratic Front Runners
“OK, Boomer”“I’m not in Grandma’s will?!”
Couples CounselingThrouples Counseling
Booing Bryce HarperBooing Kurt Suzuki
Avocado Toast Deconstructed Nachos
Marvelous Mrs. MaiselMarvelous Madame President
Boycotting the NFL Boycotting NDC
Class WarfareGeneration Gap
Individual Streaming ServiceBundled Cable
Russian BotsListserv Trolls
Baby TrumpBaby Yoda
Nuclear-Free ZonesGluten-Free Scones
Roscoe the Rooster Popeye’s Fried Chicken Sandwich
“Hey, Alexa…”“As you wish, Amazon Overlord.”
Paying for ThingsHaving Other People Pay for Things
White Lady Yelling at Cat MemeWhite Lady Yelling at Council Member
Fake Meat Alternative Cows
Peloton Wife Getting Hit in Crosswalk
City WardsListserv Territories
Co-Work SpacesHogging Coffee Shop Tables
“All Are Welcome Here” “Stay Out of My School District”
End of Plastic StrawsNever Ending Straw Man Arguments
ImpeachData Breach
WAU Hospital Wellness Dispensaries
Joe Biden 2019Joe Biden 2009
Snow DaysSea Level Rise Days
War on ChristmasAttack on Nights 3 through 5 of Hanukkah
Pussy HatsTinfoil Helmets
Protesting with Greta ThunbergProtecting Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Scientific Consensus Internet Opinions
Crossing GuardsConstruction Zone Sherpas
Her EmailsHis Pee Tape