HBO Announces 7th Season of ‘The Wire’ With Focus on MCPS Board of Education

SILVER SPRING, MD – After a surprisingly successful The Wire Season 6: Montgomery County Planning Board, David Simon and George Pelecanos dropped another huge sequel with the release of Season 7: The Montgomery County Public School Board of Education.

“This county will never let me just retire in peace,” said Pelecanos holding a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his Silver Spring home. “The corruption and drama never seems to end around here!”

The first half of Season 7 will focus on the events leading up to the resignation of School Superintendent Monifa McKnight amid concerns over how the district handled sexual harassment, bullying, and other allegations against former principal Joel Beidleman. The second half of the season will turn its focus to the BOE District 4 election, particularly a book-banning, homeschooling Twitter troll candidate who wants to stop “wokeness” from being taught in class once she figures out what that term even means.

“Because there are so many strange characters and plot twists, we’ve decided the format will be a riff on a classic reality TV show,” said Simon, a graduate of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. “The episodes will just keep getting more and more nonsensical as the season progresses. Just wait until Episode 3 when the BOE develops its color code system. You’re in for a real treat.”

Casting has already begun for The Wire Season 7, with Wanda Sykes returning in a new role starring as Superintendent Monifa McKnight, Jonathan Majors as Joel Beidleman, and “Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller as Bethany Mandel. Executives at HBO predict this season’s focus on Montgomery County schools will outperform last season’s focus on the Planning Board as it will contain even more scenes involving sex and booze.