David Blair Tired of Urgent Donation Emails From David Blair Campaign

POTOMAC, MD – After having donated millions of dollars to the campaign of David Blair for Montgomery County Executive, local resident David Blair was surprised to continue receiving emails asking for even more contribution.

“How much more gosh darn money are these folks going to keep asking me for?” said Blair, 52, of Potomac, while filling out his credit card info on the Better With Blair campaign website. “I’m getting bombarded with constant emails, texts, and DMs from them. I’m writing one or two more million dollar checks, and then I’m done with these people!”

State Board of Elections reports show that Blair has donated $3 million to his own campaign so far this year after having donated a whopping $5 million to himself four years ago. Still failing to break through in the polls despite vastly outspending his opponents, Blair worries the volume and tone of future campaign donation emails will only get worse.

“Look, I realize the campaign is trying to do the honorable thing by opting out of public financing to save taxpayer dollars,” said Blair. “But now I’m worried that after donating all this money, I might be in the pocket of Big David Blair.”

After receiving Blair’s generous gift of another million dollars, the campaign noticed that he also selected the option to unsubscribe form the mailing list. When asked if they were worried about losing their entire donor base, Candidate Blair replied, “Don’t worry, we know how to find him.”