Laurie-Anne Sayles Responds to the Takoma Torch 2022 MoCo Candidate Questionnaire

Laurie-Anne Sayles is a candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large.

From her website (
“Laurie-Anne Sayles is an experienced leader, change agent, policymaker, and advocate who believes that you can achieve any goal you set for yourself if you work smart. This motto has afforded her many opportunities to overcome challenging situations and use her life experiences to fuel a steadfast commitment to helping others who are underserved, underrepresented, and less fortunate. She has fought for expanded access to early childhood education, a $15 minimum wage, equal rights, immigration reform, and a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment, to name a few. Elected in 2017, Laurie-Anne made history, becoming the first African American councilmember elected in Gaithersburg, and she has hit the ground running ever since.”

  1. If the MoCo government was a dictatorship, what’s the first thing you would do as its unquestioned supreme leader?
    Block Party – for 2-3 days – love is love.
  2. Which superhero would you hire to run MCPS and why?
    Wonder Woman – fights for justice and equality – she inspires students to feel good about themselves, their classmates, and their teachers – the perfect learning environment. 
  3. Mosquitos or cicadas?
    Cicadas. Every few years – a little crazy love. 
  4. If Elon Musk offered 44 billion dollars to buy Montgomery County, how would you respond?
    Montgomery County is not for sale – we are priceless!
  5. Which Golden Girl are you and why?
    Rose Nyland – Betty White – funny, did not take herself too seriously, enjoying life to the fullest – a national treasure.
  6. If you had to send a mixtape to your opponent(s), what songs would it include?
    “How Sweet it is to be loved by You” – my opponents love my style and will vote for me.
  7. Who would you Kiss/Marry/Kill between Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Gaithersburg?
    I loved being on the City Council – zero debt, open space, and preserving the environment. I’m committed to the community, so I’ll have to Marry all three, and the only thing I’m Killing is bad vibes that attempt to distract us from victory on Tuesday, July 19!
  8. You’re watching a baseball game and the umpire blows a call that ruins the game for your team. Tear him a new one in 6 words or less.
    “Are you a Republican?!?! Geez!!!”
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, how nervous are you that this survey will be posted all over social media?
    Wow…a 0 because Takoma Park supports Sayles for Montgomery County!
  10. If you had to earn a very important endorsement with a cheesy pick-up line, what would yours be?
    Takoma Park – does it hurt to look that good?

    Yes, Laurie-Anne. It hurts A LOT.