Maryland Primary Delayed 3 Weeks to Give Brooke Lierman More Time to Explain to Voters What a Comptroller Is

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled that the state’s 2022 primary election will now be held on July 19, a delay of 3 weeks, in order to give candidate Brooke Lierman more time to explain what a comptroller is to Maryland voters.

“I have to give credit where credit is due. Before Brooke started her campaign, even I didn’t know what the hell a comptroller does,” said Republican Governor Larry Hogan. “I’ve been a close friend of the current comptroller Peter Franchot for years, and, until now, I had no clue what he did all day other than talk about how much he loves beer.”

Established in the Maryland Constitution of 1851, the Comptroller acts as some kind of an accountant, we think, but maybe does some stuff with businesses, sort of. Nobody really seems to know, and most don’t even care all that much. But Democratic candidate Brooke Lierman is hoping to change that through her campaign, and it seems to be working.

“Educating the electorate is important, which is why I created a special section on my website called ‘What Does the Comptroller Do Anyway?’” said Lierman while campaigning in Baltimore. “Hopefully that will explain everything about the position. But if not, I’m planning to use the extra three weeks to write a children’s book about the exciting aspects of collecting revenue and maintaining the state’s ledger. What kid wouldn’t want to read that?”

While most primary candidates on both sides of the aisle seem content to have a few more weeks of campaign time, not everybody is in favor of the extension. Republican gubernatorial candidate and disbarred lawyer Robin Ficker has appealed the decision, asking that the primary be held three weeks early instead in order to give him less time to lose supporters.