Peter Franchot’s Cousin’s Friend in Trinidad Says Proposed Development Will Cause Traffic Swelling in Takoma’s Junction

TAKOMA PARK, MD – Defending himself from allegations that he sought to influence the State Highway Administration’s (SHA) review of the proposed development at Takoma Junction, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot says he only acted to pass on concerns about swelling of traffic raised by a cousin’s friend who is currently living in Trinidad.

“My cousin said his friend approved a modest traffic lay-by for commercial deliveries at one of his projects, and now traffic is painfully swollen and the road can’t sustain normal flow,” said Franchot. “Why wouldn’t I want to share that information with the world?”

Franchot’s allegation immediately raised concerns in both Trinidad and the United States, with each country’s transportation experts feeling obligated to issue public statements denying the existence of any scientific evidence linking street deliveries at urban commercial plots with significant traffic problems.

“We want to protect everyone’s junction from potential harm,” said Trinidadian Transport Minister Paula Singh. “If Mr. Franchot’s cousin’s friend is experiencing any vehicular discomfort, he should consult a traffic engineer immediately to get the actual cause accurately diagnosed and treated.”

Franchot remains unrepentant and asserts that his raising of these concerns was not responsible for the SHA’s rejection of the Junction project, as accused by Takoma Park’s legendary investigative reporter Carter Cohen. “I didn’t tell anyone not to approve it. I just gave them some concerning information that I heard about the negative side effects of urban development and encouraged them to pray on it and make a decision they felt comfortable with,” said a defiant Franchot. “Carter Cohen must have some massive balls to come at me with these unfair allegations.”