2nd Grader Shocked to Owe Developer Impact Taxes on New Buildings Created in Minecraft

ROCKVILLE, MD – Shortly after putting the final touches on a 500-unit residential skyscraper in Minecraft, Evelyn McFadden was shocked to learn she now owes millions of dollars in county property taxes and developer impact fees.

“This sucks! I was just having some fun designing an awesome city when my mom said I now owe 21 million dollars to Montgomery County,” said McFadden. “I decided the only way out of this was to destroy my creation, but then I got hit with a tear-down tax.”

McFadden is one of many who has been surprised by developer taxes for constructing digital buildings and cities in video games. Since he took office, County Executive Marc Elrich has promised to put an end to property tax reductions and other developer subsidies intended to incentivize building much needed housing in the county, even in areas where developers can’t afford to build on the land.

“Even though there’s no way anyone can actually afford to build one of these Minecraft structures in real life, that doesn’t mean we are going to let these evil video game developers off the hook for not paying their fair share.” said Elrich. “Someone needs to pay for the fact that nobody is building more housing here in real life.”

Elrich also announced his plan to raise millions of dollars in additional revenue in other digital media by creating an income tax on V-Bucks in Fortnite and adding speed cameras on Mario Kart.