Residents Shocked to Find Subliminal Messages in City’s Word Search Puzzle

Parents were shocked and upset to learn that a word search game posted on Facebook this weekend by the Takoma Park Recreational Department contained subliminal messages meant to brainwash children into believing controversial statements.

“At first glance, it appeared to be a fun little game searching for words relating to the city,” stated Grenadine Frank. “But after my son asked for help trying to find the word ‘azalea’, that’s when we starting seeing some questionable things in the puzzle.”

Several parents complained to the Recreational Department that they found bizarre phrases hidden within the puzzle, including “5G Is Safe”, “Bethesdafication,” and “Yes to Sidewalks”. When asked for comment, a city official maintained that they were unaware of secret hidden messages and brushed aside allegations of foul play, stating that any phrases found other than those on the official list were “random and coincidental”.

Parents weren’t buying it. “A word search is supposed to contain all letters. How did numbers get in there anyway?” asked Karen Rogers. “Especially the phrase ‘Increase Taxes 2%’. Weird.”

The Takoma Park Recreational Department is now facing intense scrutiny from residents as several additional games are planned for release next week, including Takomanopoly, where children learn to accept at an early age that there is no such thing as free parking, and a city-sponsored Minecraft tournament to see who can be first to construct a virtual version of the approved design for the Takoma Junction Development.