Fans Fight for Front Row at 9:30 Club to Watch Live Music on 5 Inch Phone Screen

WASHINGTON, DC – A group of fans struggled their way to the foot of the stage at the 9:30 Club last night in order to watch the entire two-hour performance of their favorite band through their smartphone camera apps.

“The view was spectacular!” exclaimed Julie Downs, wearing the tour t-shirt of the band she was there to see. “It was really hard to get a spot this close, but the experience of getting to hold up my smartphone camera for the entire show without anyone else’s phone screen blocking mine was totally worth it.”

The band and the venue actively discouraged recording of the concert, but many fans believe recording and posting about it is the most important part of watching live music.

“Going to a concert is cool,” said Downs. “But what’s even cooler is for all your friends on social media to see that you were at a concert and to have the same experience you did by watching the whole show in 3 minute clips filmed in iMovie.”

Unfortunately for Downs, she missed the entire second half of last night’s concert when her phone battery died, forcing her to spend the rest of the night searching for a charging outlet. She was able to catch up on what she missed, however, once her boyfriend updated his Instagram page with his own footage.