Local Residents Confused by Married Couple Sharing Same Last Name

Annie and Josh Tulkin always have to explain their bizarre situation when attending parties and local events around Takoma Park. As a Silver Spring-based married couple sharing the same last name, the Tulkins are used to receiving strange looks and requests for clarification when introducing themselves to residents of this uber-progressive enclave.

“It’s annoying having to constantly repeat ourselves and explain to every single person in the room that yes, we are married, and yes, we both have the same last name,” said Annie. “So sometimes we try to make it fun for ourselves instead by making up a fake last name for myself, such as Graham, Freese, or Buddy. They are such great puns!”

In a city where the patriarchy has been smashed for decades, Takoma Park residents—especially younger ones—tend to forget about common conventions of the past.

“Since we millennials struggle to find affordable housing, I honestly thought they were siblings living together into their late 30’s,” said friend Mark Draper. Draper’s wife, Beth Sanchez, agreed. “I mean, who’s ever heard of a married couple with the same last name?” she asked. “It’s perverse.”

The Tulkins disagree. For them, keeping the same last name was an easy choice with lots of benefits. “Not only is it easier than having to decide which last name to give our children, but it saves money and space on all of our personalized stationary,” stated Josh.

Annie and Josh may seem unusual with their surname situation now, but the number of young couples getting ready to tie the knot who are choosing to share the same last name is growing rapidly among the hipster crowd, who want to have done it before it becomes cool.

“Annie and Josh are pioneers. My fiancee, Rose, and I are looking forward to sharing the same last name this spring,” stated Jake Harmon. Rose Smith agreed saying she, too, can’t wait until Jake takes her last name, to which Jake replied, “Wait…what?”