Washington Football Fans Outraged by 49ers Offensive Portrayal of Migrant Workers

MIAMI GARDENS, FL — Once again controversy swirls around the NFL’s premier event. This year, a coalition of Washington football fans, led by Sonny Furgeson, are calling on the San Francisco 49ers ownership to change the name of their offensive mascot.

“We have a long history of migrant workers in this country. They helped create the economy we now enjoy,” said Furgeson during an impromptu press conference outside Hard Rock Stadium, site of Super Bowl LIV. “The city of San Francisco should feel embarrassed to still have a professional team that mocks an entire group of people in the year 2020.”

According to History.com, “the 49ers, most of whom were men, came from the eastern United States as well as other parts of the globe, including Europe, China, Mexico and South America. By the mid-1850s, more than 300,000 people had poured into California. This huge influx of new arrivals helped speed up California’s admittance to the Union as the 31st state in 1850.”

Furgeson, a long time Washington football fan, expanded on this history. “The real 49ers fled economic ruin by seeking new opportunity in California, where they worked for survival under harsh, unsafe conditions,” he said. “Portraying them with a goofy, smiling mascot dressed in a cheap facsimile of the 49ers’ authentic clothing, is completely disrespectful. He’s not even wearing historically accurate Levi’s jeans from that time period! And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous name ‘Sourdough Sam.’ It has no dignity. They might as well have named him ‘Rice a Ronnie.’”

Furgeson followed up by stating the coalition will be cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, as their fans “truly understand what it means to be culturally sensitive.”