City Aims to Reduce Tension By Posting Official Notices in Comic Sans Font

TAKOMA PARK, MD – Keeping Takoma Park “groovy” isn’t easy. With city-wide battles over parking lots, tree protection policy changes, and yellow-painted curbs in the historic district, residents’ emotions are flying high. That is why the city council voted this week to post all notices using the hilariously friendly and super adorable Comic Sans font.

“I just learned the city is closing my street for the next 8 months for repairs and I’ll have to park two blocks away from my house,” giggled Gina Mondale. “I know I should be annoyed, but reading this notice just gives me the warm and fuzzies!”

Beta testing showed that residents reacted more positively when receiving roof repair violations from Neighborhood Services right after a tree just fell on their home if the notices are written in Comic Sans rather than Times New Roman or Arial. Experts say the willy-nilly style of the letters tricks the brain into a state of humor, much like nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.

“Who knew a simple font change could unite our city again?” stated the Mayor. “I can’t wait to send out notices announcing the ground breaking ceremony of the Takoma Junction Development!”

Despite the joy and laughter the font has brought thus far, medical experts do warn about overuse of the font. According to research from the National Institute of Health, common side effects from using Comic Sans too frequently include poor judgment, loss of professionalism, and a tendency to prefer working in Windows 95.