MoCo Council Fines Planning Board Chair One Month’s Pay For Not Purchasing Alcohol From ABS

WHEATON, MD – During a lengthy hearing to determine disciplinary action for having a well-stocked bar in his government office, the Montgomery County Council announced it will fine planning board chair Casey Anderson one month’s pay after learning that the alcohol was not purchased from the county’s Alcohol Beverage Services (ABS).

“The actions of the planning chair were inappropriate and of great concern to this council,” said Council President Gabe Albornoz at the hearing. “Our punishment, though harsh, should serve as a reminder to all county employees that we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to purchasing alcohol outside of our amazing government monopoly.”

In the hearing, Anderson described his get-togethers as after-hours events during the COVID lockdown when bars and restaurants were closed. The planning chair apologized while taking full responsibility for his actions, saying he “was just trying to cement Wheaton’s status as an arts & entertainment district.”

Some local politicians weren’t buying it.

“Who drunk like that as pubic offishul?” tweeted County Executive Marc Elrich at 3am. “Who cares I still winner and recounbt wont change ahmnything. It chan ged 2. Votes in 2018.”

The heavy fine imposed on Anderson now has other government officials on notice regarding alcohol policies. Immediately following the hearing, members of the council spent the rest of the afternoon clearing out liquor bottles from their own offices and frantically deleting drunk selfies from their weekend in Ocean City at Maryland Association of Counties (MACo).