Recently Doubled Salary for Takoma Park Mayor Lures Pete Buttigieg to Announce Candidacy

TAKOMA PARK, MD – Just days after the city council voted to double the salary of Takoma Park’s mayor, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg arrived in the city to formally announce his campaign for that office.

“If Takoma Park’s goal for doubling the mayor’s salary was to create a broader pool of candidates, it worked,” said Buttigieg in front of a crowd at RS Automotive. “I would never sign up to be regularly verbally abused by angry constituents at never ending public meetings for a measly $14,000 a year. But for $30,000? Now you’re talking.”

Buttigieg is seeking the title of “mayor” once again now that current mayor Kate Stewart has announced her plans to run for county council. He’s looking forward to implementing his Upper Midwest small town policies in Takoma Park, including fewer regulations on backyard chicken coops, over-salting roads to prep for snowstorms, and listening to input from very vocal, older, white citizens about how to solve the city’s racial issues.

“As a former mayor myself, I have the right local experience,” said Buttigieg. “And as Secretary of Transportation, I’ve further developed relevant expertise, such as how to repeatedly and randomly close streets for road repaving.”

Asked if he is concerned about moving to one of the most expensive real estate markets in the area to earn a poverty wage, Buttigieg remained unphased.

“Money aside, I wanted to be part of a community known for its progressive, environmentally-friendly policies,” said Buttigieg. “Sure, I can’t afford a house here, and, even if I could, the historic preservation committee wouldn’t let me put solar panels on it. But at least being a politician in Takoma Park comes with a guaranteed pay raise when I inevitably leave to run for state-wide office instead.”