7-11 at Takoma Metro To Be Demolished, Replaced With Mural of 7-11

TAKOMA, DC – Chain links fences have been erected around the 7-11 near the Takoma Metro station, signaling the start of construction on the building’s replacement: a painted mural of a 7-11.

“People really adored the old 7-11, so we knew we had to get this project right,” said Aaron Palmiero of the Takoma Advisory Neighborhood Commission. “After several historic preservation meetings, community engagements, and hours of dealing with annoying people on the Maryland side who have no jurisdiction here, we came to the conclusion that a commemorative painting of the old 7-11 is the right decision for this valuable piece of real estate right near public transit.”

The mural will be painted on the neighboring building facing the 7-11 site, and will depict the former structure in all its glory, without all of the trash, robberies and police cars lingering in the parking lot. A local artist will be selected and fully compensated with a lifetime supply of Buffalo chicken taquitos and banana Slurpees.

“There was a plan to add much needed housing on this site, but the community became worried that more development would bring more traffic, crowded schools, and crime,” said Palmiero. “But with this new mural, we’ll definitely keep people away.”