New Rules for Pajamarama After Last Year’s Event Goes Seriously Wrong

TAKOMA PARK, MD – This Sunday (December 8th, 8am – 11am) marks the 19th annual Pajamarama, an event designed to celebrate extreme laziness and lack of self respect by allowing you to shop around downtown like it’s your bedroom. For those who prefer discounts over decency, be sure to note some significant rule changes after last year’s catastrophe, a day Takoma Park will never forget.

“What we witnessed last year can never be unseen,” stated Laura Barclay, Executive Director of Main Street Takoma. “We just want to apologize to those who lost their appetites, and promise this year’s event will indeed be kid-friendly as advertised.”

Those who survived Pajamarama 2018 will be forever haunted by the loose definition of “pajamas”. In order to prevent a recurrence of that disaster, Barclay laid out new definitions and other rule changes in her latest email announcement.

For example, her announcement makes very clear that pajamas are actual clothes and not just what you normally wear, or don’t wear, to bed. In addition, the advertised 10-30% discounts will only be given to those who are certified by the Takoma Park Ad Hoc PJ Committee as being in compliance with the new definition.

“My staff and I are really looking forward to this year’s event,” stated Chris Brown of Takoma Beverage Company. “No longer will we have to argue with Bob about a discount on his latte with his junk staring me in the face.”

While store owners unanimously support the new rules for Pajamarama, some local patrons feel they are being treated unfairly.

“I just don’t understand why the town I grew up in is now excluding long-term residents,” stated Pete Dickey. “What I choose to wear to bed is an expression of my own unique voice, and my own personal definition of pajamas shall not be infringed. Also, thongs are really comfy.”

It remains to be seen if the new rules will be followed, but, regardless, store owners will not be amused by overused “half off” jokes.

For more info about Pajamarama, click on the link below.