Takoma Foundation Creates New Azalea Award Categories for 2019

Since 2006, the Takoma Foundation has recognized community leaders through its annual Azalea Awards. The “people’s choice” nominations, for individuals and organizations across ten categories, are collected early each year with voting and results being announced around mid-May.

However, in 2019, the Takoma Foundation felt it was time to shake things up and create ten new categories that best represent Takoma Park and the surrounding area. In no particular order, the new categories are:

  1. Auto Kiosk: someone with many bumper stickers, or pieces of flair, on their car
  2. Anti-Capitalist: someone who files many anonymous complaints to building inspectors
  3. Canvasser: someone who has a front yard littered with campaign signs
  4. Elf: someone who hasn’t taken down their Christmas lights in a long time hoping Santa will someday visit
  5. Best Non-Soccer Coach: because there are other sports in Takoma Park
  6. Keyboard Warrior: someone who dominates their local listserv
  7. Best 7/11 Convenient Store: Self-explanatory
  8. Bethesdaficationista: someone who makes too much profit, and therefore, has no soul
  9. Prohibitionist: someone who stops liquor licenses of local restaurants
  10. The MC: someone likely to provide testimony at every city council hearing

Voting begins mid-May, so please submit your nominations to the Takoma Foundation at:www.takomafoundation.org/events/azalea-awards