Crayola Releases Limited Edition MCPS Crayon Set To Help Parents Decipher School Color Code System

ROCKVILLE, MD – In collaboration with Crayola, the Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education announced a limited edition “MCPS Color Code Cruncher” 96-crayon set to guide perplexed parents through the kaleidoscopic labyrinth of their cryptic color code system.

The innovative set includes new hues such as “Delayed Opening Teal,” “Early Dismissal Vermilion,” and “Still Waiting for Snow Day Cancellation White.” Each crayon is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Montgomery County’s administrative mood swings.

Parents, long accustomed to deciphering emails that resemble abstract art, have welcomed the crayon intervention. Local mom and PTA member, Harmony Christiansen, exclaimed, “Finally, I can understand the color wheel of confusion our school district loves to paint us with! I’m especially excited about the ‘Bus Drivers Went Back on Strike Ochre.’ It’s like a beacon of enlightenment that comes with a built-in sharpener!”

The MCPS Board of Education, famous for expressing profound concepts through the language of the rainbow, has not yet issued an official response. However, insider sources suggest that they’re considering adopting Crayola’s system for their official communications, recognizing the universal appeal of crayons over cryptic codes.

Local teachers are also expressing relief at the prospect of a more vivid communication method. Educator Gloria Dickinson commented, “Now, when they announce a ‘Code Pink,’ I can pull out my ‘Stanley Tumblers Just Dropped Pink’ and play a movie while I rush off to Target.”

The Color Code Cruncher set is flying off the shelves faster than you can say “Prom Night Periwinkle.” Some parents have reportedly resorted to bidding wars on auction sites for the elusive “Banned Book Burnt Sienna.”

As Montgomery County embraces this technicolor breakthrough, the rest of the nation watches, wondering if their school districts will follow suit. Until then, local parents await the release of the MCPS adult coloring book, a stress relieving activity full of relaxing pages depicting overcrowded classrooms and PTA meetings.