The Official Takoma Torch 2024 In/Out List

Hold onto your recycled hats, Takoma Park! It’s that time again when we sift through the quinoa-filled sands of local trends to bring you the definitive guide to what’s sizzling and what’s on ice in 2024. The Takoma Torch proudly presents our annual In/Out list, a cheeky exploration of the ever-evolving landscape of Takoma Park’s unique fads and fashions.

From kombucha kiosks to vintage unicycles, we’ve got the inside scoop on what’s earning nods and what’s earning eye-rolls in our beloved city. So, slip into your upcycled slippers and join us as we unveil the hottest and, dare we say, the coolest trends shaping Takoma Park this year. Happy New Year!!

Quiet QuittingGetting Fired for Posting Political Opinions on Social Media
George Santos CongressmanGeorge Santos Cameo
Anti-Fascism Anti-Capitalism
“Don’t Say Gay”“Don’t Say Civil War Was About Slavery”
Seeking Twitter Alternative Seeking Threads Alternative
Chinese Spy Balloons Las Vegas Sphere
Silent Night Nochebuena
Worrying About Losing Weight Worrying About Losing Local Restaurant
1950’s Diners 1960’s Dry Cleaners
War in Ukraine War on Gas Appliances
Indictments Verdicts
Nuclear-Free Committees Bomb Shelter Speakeasies
Middle East Conflict Missing Middle Fights
Eliminating DC Sports Teams Eliminating DC Bike Lanes
Paying Developers Millions to Build Things Paying Developers $500k Not to Build Things
Hand Jobs at Broadway Shows Sex in Senate Briefing Rooms
Announcing Candidacy for Third Term Voting for Term Limits
All Lives Matter No Lives Matter
Boomers in Power Boomers Still in Power
Buying a Tesla Dying in a Tesla
Giuliani’s hair Giuliani’s lawyer’s hair
Takoma Park Rent StabilizationTakoma Park Parking Subsidization
Police Stopping Criminals Police Stopping Peeling Paint
Buying a Supreme Court Justice Buying a Pope
Annoying Street Racers Annoying Cyclists
Religious Cults Atheist Orgies
Protecting Parking Lots Protecting Vacant Hospitals
White Nationalists Blue Checkmarks
Boycotting Bud Light Drinking Kool-Aid
Wearing Barbie PinkKeeping Georgia Blue
Moms 4 Liberty Dads 4 Mistresses
Criticizing Biden as a Conservative Criticizing Biden as a Progressive
American Workers Going on Strike Paying Japanese Baseball Players Billions of Dollars
Air Fryers Ozempic
Storing Top Secrets Documents in Bathroom Driving Off with Nuclear Code on Top of Car
Billionaires Dying in Submarine Billionaires Dying in Space
Grimace Milkshake McTurducken
Prince Charles as a Tampon King Charles as a Tampon
Thinking About the Roman Empire Thinking About a New Boyfriend
Pickleball Fights Backgammon Brawls
“In This House, We Believe…”“For Sale”