Takoma Park, MD to Takoma DC: ‘Not In YOUR Backyard, Either!’

TAKOMA, DC – Upon hearing the news that a 435-unit apartment building is being proposed at the Takoma Metro station, residents from Takoma Park, Maryland, known for their strong and loud opinions about any development in their city, announced that they are against building more housing in someone else’s city, too.

“We know what’s good for DC, and more housing does nothing to address their affordable housing crisis,” said Takoma Park, Maryland, resident Margaret Fallwell from her million dollar single-family house just down the street from the Metro station. “Just look at us – we haven’t built shit in 40 years and look how cheap it is to buy a house here!”

The proposed development, which will include 65 low-income units, is in the home stretch after almost two decades of Takoma Park, Maryland, residents doing all they can to block the project. Now that approval appears imminent, Takoma Park residents are out in force to Maryland-splain development standards to their neighbors in a city that has done way more to address its housing problems.

“DC should have been more considerate by seeking pre-approval of this development from us first,” said Takoma Park, Maryland, resident Mark Lewis while carrying a “Statehood for DC” tote bag. “I realize we don’t live in or pay taxes to the district, but we share the name ‘Takoma,’ and if that’s not enough to allow us decision-making authority over what happens on their land, I don’t know what is.”

Even though the development is likely to be approved, Takoma Park residents haven’t given up. As masters of creative stall tactics, such as filing appeals, demanding more studies and asking for endless community input, Takoma Park residents hope the additional costs and time associated with their latest demands will force the developer to make any sort of change to its plans, even if that means reducing the number of affordable units that residents ostensibly support, so they can still say “I told you so” for the win.