Just Listed! Construction Porta Potty in Desirable Takoma Park Neighborhood for Only $899k

TAKOMA PARK, MD – Even though rising interest rates are spooking home buyers and real estate investors across the country, home prices remain high in the city – including a construction crew’s porta potty on Garland Avenue that was recently listed for $899,000.

This fabulous zero bedroom, 1/4 bath home is nestled between two oak trees on a nice  residential street that’s quiet whenever the porta potty’s original owner, a home renovation construction company, isn’t working on an adjacent property. The lot is just minutes to Sligo Creek for bathing purposes, as the potty lacks running water.

The spacious fifteen square foot interior can hold up to three people who are extremely comfortable with one another and not interested in unnecessary luxury amenities like heating and air conditioning, cooking, or space to sleep in a horizontal position.

“We really just prefer a home in the Takoma Park school district and are willing to do anything to make that happen,” said Maggie Cartwright, 33 a potential buyer. “I must admit, the porta potty is a bit smaller than I expected, but I like the open floor plan concept, the 360 degree air vents and the built-in septic system. I think we can swing the price.”

According to Redfin, offers are due on this amazing deal by midnight tomorrow. The selling agent has advertised the house in “as-is” condition and will refuse any offers including inspection or financing contingencies.

“We priced this home aggressively because, even though things seem to be slowing down, it’s a seller’s market,” said Redfin agent Mark Fowler. “If someone really wants to buy a house in Takoma Park right now, they literally need to shit or get off the pot.”