Scott Goldberg Responds to the Takoma Torch 2022 MoCo Candidate Questionnaire

Scott Goldberg for County Council. Photo: David F. Choy

Scott Goldberg is a candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large.

From his website (
“At the age of 24 with only a laptop and a coffee table, Scott started a residential property management company. Through innovation and hard work, the company employs 14 people and has offices in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. While growing this venture, he went to the University of Maryland School of Law at night, commuting from Montgomery County to Baltimore two to four times per week. In 2013 he was admitted to practice law and represents tenants pro bono in court with Maryland Legal Aid.”

Below are his answers to our important questions:

  1. If the MoCo government was a dictatorship, what’s the first thing you would do as its unquestioned supreme leader?
    Schedule community listening sessions.
  2. Which superhero would you hire to run MCPS and why?
    Thanos, to address overcrowding and enforce high standards.
  3. Mosquitos or cicadas?
    This question bugs me. 
  4. If Elon Musk offered 44 billion dollars to buy Montgomery County, how would you respond?
    Have the Department of Permitting Services take the lead on negotiations and just wait for the deal to fall apart.
  5. Which Golden Girl are you and why?
    No joke, on the 7th grade baseball team my nickname was “GoldenGirlberg”
  6. If you had to send a mixtape to your opponent(s), what songs would it include?
    Is my opponent suddenly attending middle school in the year 1994?
  7. Who would you Kiss/Marry/Kill between Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Gaithersburg?
    I’m a bridge builder. Foursome
  8. You’re watching a baseball game and the umpire blows a call that ruins the game for your team. Tear him a new one in 6 words or less.
    Hope you have 4 spare tires.
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, how nervous are you that this survey will be posted all over social media?
    Name recognition, baby!
  10. If you had to earn a very important endorsement with a cheesy pick-up line, what would yours be?
    Well hello Washington Post, are you having fun? Because if you support me you’ll never be editorial bored.

WaPo?! We’re just a publication, standing in front of a candidate, asking him to want our endorsement.