Exclamation Point Endorses Kate Stewart for Mayor

TAKOMA PARK, MD – In a shocking turn of events, the well known Exclamation Point on mayoral candidate Roger Schlegel’s logo has decided to jump ship and endorse incumbent Kate Stewart for Mayor.

“At first, Roger seemed like a fresh candidate with an exciting vision, which made me feel like we’d be great running mates,” said Exclamation Point. “But upon learning more about his campaign and plans to reduce the amount of cool projects happening in the city, I just felt more like a semi colon.”

Exclamation Point is no novice when it comes to joining political tickets. In 2016, he was tapped to join early favorite Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign after being recognized for helping women convey more friendliness in their professional emails and interactions. Jeb! was the front runner until the campaign released status quo policies forcing Exclamation Point to look elsewhere.

“What I’m really looking for is a candidate who excites me, and Kate Stewart is someone with bold plans for the future!!” said the tall, skinny punctuation mark. “Unfortunately, Roger wants to slow down economic development projects, reduce the library project scope, ignore a Junction intersection redesign that would create a lively public space, and lower property taxes making it much harder to fund any substantial progressive agenda. I’m not sure if those positions are appropriate for me to stand next to.”

When asked his thoughts on the Mayoral race, Exclamation Point expressed an overall positive vibe. “Both candidates are smart, kind, and really care about Takoma Park. But my favorite thing is the heated rhetoric from the most extreme supporters on both sides,” said Exclamation Point. “I am all over their Facebook and listserv fights!!”

Exclamation Point also told reporters that he will be joined by his upside-down cousin to help Kate Stewart win more endorsements from the Spanish-speaking part of the community.