Disney Plus Increases Monthly Fee to $3,000 in Anticipation of the Release of ‘Hamilton’

Fans waiting in anticipation of the release of ‘Hamilton’ on Disney Plus were crushed as the streaming network announced it is jacking up its monthly subscription fee to $3,000 and prohibiting the sharing of accounts on more than one device.

“We’re just adjusting the value of the subscription to reflect the market value of Hamilton tickets on Broadway,” said Disney CEO Kevin Mayer. “Do people honestly think Disney became one of the largest corporations in the World by giving customers a good deal on things they want!? Bwahahahahaha!”

Disney isn’t going to let everyone simply pay $3,000 to gain access to their feature showing. Only the first ten thousand people will be able to get in at this price, but they will be encouraged to resell their subscription to unlimited friends for a much higher fee per user. Some subscribers are looking to scalp their membership for thousands more.

Financially, this is the perfect time for Disney to launch Hamilton. With the prohibition on account sharing and everyone unable to form large groups due to Covid restrictions, it forces everyone to purchase a separate account, making it nearly impossible to watch for free.

“We were one of the lucky ones to get in at $3,000 after staying up all night on the Disney Plus website,” said Angela Price. “It cost even more than we paid to see it live as a family at the Kennedy Center, but what the heck? My kids don’t need a college fund anyway.”

Disney does want fans to know that they care and are planning to offer tickets through a daily lottery for up to 10 people. The winners of that lottery get free subscriptions that can be accessed by flying to Florida and watching the musical in a crowded bar on a big screen television.